Manners Boot Camp/Summer

The Only Camp Guaranteed to Heighten your Child’s Social Skills!

Sorry, No 2018 Manners Boot Camp scheduled.


    Manners Boot Camp Agenda

Tuesday (Nice casual)
Welcome/Overview, Introductions/Characters, Communication Skills, Meeting & Greeting People, Proper Handshakes, Social & Business Introductions, Introduction Exercise
Telephone Manners, Phone Messages, Cell Phone/Texting Etiquette,
Wednesday (Patriotic Day)
Sending and Receiving Invitations, Thank You Notes, Manners to Remember Impressions on Others, Wardrobe Tips, Dress Codes, Flag Etiquette, Walking, Sitting & Standing, Honoring & Obeying Parents, Family Etiquette
Thursday (Hawaiian Day)
Dining Dos and Don’ts, Place Settings, American & Continental Eating Styles, Silent Service Codes, Place Setting Quiz, Car & Travel Manners, Award Manners
Friday (Dressy)
Limousine Trip, Four Course Formal Meal, Step by Step Dining Tutorial, Graduation Ceremony

Class Location:

Avila Country Club
943 Guisando de Avila Tampa, FL 33613